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  • To create interest and curiosity in various branch on Science, Technology & Mathematics
  • To provide more hands on learning opportunity about our local flora and fauna
  • Acquire leadership, teamwork and communication skills

OGDC Eureka Camp 2017 main objective is to expose the participants on various branch of sciences, technology and mathematics knowledge. This year camp will be focused on 9-12 years old. The campers will be going on a field trips to the nature reserves.

Here they are given opportunities to learn in depth and more hands on about our nature, flora and fauna.

For more information on programme details please do refer below.

Additionally, the campers will be exposed to various math and technology activities, to further enhance their STEM skills, including creativity, communication and team building skills.

OGDC will organize the Eureka camp for
3 days 2 nights, during September School Holiday, between 4th - 6th December 2017.


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For all interested participants, please fill in the Eureka Camp registration form provided in the link below.

Click Here for the Eureka Camp registration forms

A gentle reminder to all parents/guardian please fill in the consent form provided in the link below.

Click Here for the consent forms

For those who wants to gain new experiences, have good organizational skills and love to be around kids.We are still calling for interested candidates to apply for the camp commander positions. The form is also provided in the link below.

Deadline for volunteering registration is: Monday, 31st October 2017

Click Here for the volunteer (Camp Commander) forms

*** For all completed forms, please send the softcopy to our email or hardcopy to our reception counter.

For More Info:
Please contact Sasha @ Nur Zafirah Amirah Daud
Tel: +673 337 7200
E-Mail: /