Bionic Me

Notice: This exhibition is now closed.

To further actively promote STEM education for young Bruneians, the Oil and Gas Discovery (OGDC) presents a new exciting and interactive exhibition called Bionic Me proudly produced by Scitech Australia. Parked at the centre from July 2017 until first week of November 2017. Be sure to check out the first time premiered in South East Asia, interactive exhibition! Click here to book a visit.

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Wind Tunnel

Test different accessories in a wind tunnel to see how they feel and perform. Discover how biomechanics helps us develop new technologies, how aerodynamics can help us move faster and how nature inspires nearly all engineering devices used to increase aerodynamics.

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Motion Control

Use a gesture interface to control a robot arm and move a ball. Learn about how this new method of interaction has applications in medicine, workplaces and recreation.

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Hearing Test

Test your hearing range and discover how technology can enhance it. Learn of the technologies available to help people with their hearing if it’s damaged or reduced. Learn about how animals can hear different frequencies to humans, as well as different applications such as ultrasound and sonar.

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Climb into an exoskeleton and control an on screen avatar to investigate what you could do with enhanced strength.

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Ethics Quiz

Consider ethical questions of body augmentation via an eye gaze controlled quiz.
Explore questions such as; ‘is the ideology of abled vs disabled people out-dated?’ or ‘how far is too far with human augmentation?’

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Jet Pack

Put on a helmet and fly a virtual jetpack. How would you use a Jetpack to help people?

Exhibition Period: July 2017 until November 2017
Typical time required: 30 to 45 mins
Exhibition Organizer: Scitech, Australia